What Is The Brass Roots Plaque?

On September 25th,1994 the Jon Coon (Libertarian for US Senate) campaign hosted a “Brass Roots” rally, honoring both the Second Amendment to the US Constitution and Article I, Sec. 6 of the Michigan Constitution. The 10,000 Michigan gun owners who attended contributed hundreds of pounds of spent brass “from firearms they vow to never give up” that was melted down and cast into a 4′ x 6′ plaque.

The Brass Roots Plaque (Foreground).  People at the original rally (background).

The Brass Roots Plaque (Foreground). People at the original rally (background).

The momentum from the Rally was used to form a non-partisan organization who’s efforts successfully made Michigan into a “shall-issue” state, where conceal-cary permits (CCW or CPL) are issued based upon objective criteria rather than political cronyism.

Shortly after the plaque was caste, state representative, Leon Drolet, introduced legislation to install the plaque on the Capitol grounds. The State House approved the placement unanimously with a 104 to 0 vote. Unfortunately, the bill was not taken up by the senate.

We are now making a second attempt to finally put this monument to our cherished right to keep and bear arms in a deserved place of honor — where it will serve as a continuing reminder to both public officials and the public generally of the one right upon which all the others depend.

Rep. Martin Howrylak, along with 15 cosponsors, has introduced HB 5595 to accomplish this long-sought goal — hopefully in time for a dedication ceremony on the 20th anniversary of the original “Brass Roots” event.

Any help you might provide in this effort would be greatly appreciated. Please take a moment to call your state rep and urge support for HB 5595. Then post a link to this site, and e-mail this to every other Michigan gun owner, or liberty activist you know.

Thank you.

Video From The Rally (Ted Nugent speech)

4 thoughts on “Background

  1. The Brass Roots Rally was also held on the same day in Marquette sponsored by the U.P. Brass Roots group. It snowed and rained, but it did not stop rally participants from attending and contributing spent brass for the cause. I have read next to nothing about the Yooper involvement in this all important gathering.


    • Dear Al Trainer III:

      Sorry I overlooked your comment. I was completely unaware of a parallel rally in Marquette. Please contact me with any information you have about the event and send it to me at ScottyBoman[AT]Hotmail[DOT]com.

      Scotty Boman


      • Scotty, I believe I still have the news article concerning the Marquette rally that was held. I was one of the speakers at the rally and in the next couple of days I will look it up and attach it to an email or can send to you in the mail. Al Trainer III Ontonagon


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